Welcome to the Vermont Forensics Laboratory

The VFL is the only forensic laboratory in the State of Vermont and provides services to the entire criminal justice system. Police officers representing local and state agencies, in addition to game wardens, state's attorneys' investigators and public defenders all bring evidence to the laboratory for examination.

The laboratory is relatively small but the VFL examiners conduct a wide range of forensic examinations. Some of the routine examinations conducted by the VFL are represented on this web site.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the VFL, please feel free to contact the laboratory.


News and Information

  • Updated Breath and Blood Alcohol Analysis Rule

    Waterbury, VT - 12/10/2012 - The Proposed Updated Administrative Breath and Blood Alcohol Analysis Rule is available for review. 

  • Public Safety Announces Vermont Forensic Lab Secure Following Flood

    BURLINGTON, VT – 09/01/11 – The Vermont Department of Public Safety building was flooded by the Winooski River on Sunday night forcing an evacuation of the building, which is still uninhabitable.  Among the divisions of DPS housed in the building is the Vermont Forensic Lab, and while the lab has been uninhabitable all necessary security is still in place. The building is secure and the evidence has not been compromised.

    "We don't have general power or clean water so we cannot accept evidence right now," Vermont Forensic Lab Director Peg Schwartz said. "However, the floodwaters did not otherwise affect the lab, no evidence has been compromised, and the building is secure."

  • Public Safety Announced Appointment of New Forensic Lab Directory

    Waterbury, VT – 09/06/11 – Commissioner of Public Safety, Keith Flynn, today announced the appointment of Margaret “Peg” Schwartz, Ph.D. to the position of Laboratory Directory for the Vermont Forensic Laboratory.

    In making this appointment Commissioner Flynn said, “Peg brings breadth of experience, education, and scientific knowledge to manage our accredited laboratory and take it into the future.”