Welcome to the Vermont Forensics Laboratory

The VFL is the only forensic laboratory in the State of Vermont and provides services to the entire criminal justice system. Police officers representing local and state agencies, in addition to game wardens, state's attorneys' investigators and public defenders all bring evidence to the laboratory for examination.

The laboratory is relatively small but the VFL examiners conduct a wide range of forensic examinations. Some of the routine examinations conducted by the VFL are represented on this web site.

The management and technical operations of the VFL have been assessed and found to conform with ISO/IEC 17025:2005, the ASCLD/LAB-International Supplemental Requirements for Testing Laboratories and all other requirements of the ASCLD/LAB-International program.  The VFL was found to be competent and was accredited in the areas listed in their Scope of Accreditation.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the VFL, please feel free to contact the laboratory.


News and Information

  • Vermont Forensic Laboratory Earns ASCLD/LAB-International Accreditation

    Waterbury, VT - 8/14/2015 - On July 11, 2015, the ASCLD/LAB Board of Directors considered the application for ASCLD/LAB-International accreditation from the Vermont Department of Public Sa

  • FBI Short Tandem Repeat Allele Table Amendments

    Waterbury, VT - 07/15/2015  The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Crime Laboratory has recently issued a bulletin to National DNA Index System (NDIS) participating laboratories advising th

  • Latent Print Examinations

    Waterbury, VT - 2/20/2015 - As some of you may be aware, the Vermont Forensic Laboratory (VFL) no longer has latent print examiners on staff.  The VFL has contracted with an outside vendor, FoCoSS Forensics, to conduct latent print examinations.  Please note that evidence for latent print cases is still being accepted at the VFL.  If there is a need for rush analysis, inform the Evidence Technician during submission or contact the laboratory at 244-8788.  Reports for latent print cases will be generated by FoCoSS Forensics, but distributed to requesting agencies in the same manner as other VFL reports.